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Texas de Brazil Coupons

Up for a meal that merges the offerings of Southern Brazil with the hearty passion of Texas? The unity of these two strong histories bring us to what is known as Texas de Brazil, a well known Brazilian-American steakhouse making it’s impact across the country as the #1 restaurant for meat lovers with a healthy appetite. They also aren’t strangers to Texas de Brazil coupons for their loyal consumers. Frequenters of Texas de Brazil can expect perfectly seasoned cuts of beef, pork, lamb, chicken or Brazilian sausage slow-roasted to the temperature and taste you expect from a leading restaurant. Cooked over an open flame points back to the how the gauchos arranged their meals for the people of Southern Brazil.

Texas de Brazil has a crafty way of serving up your meal. Pay one price and expect a buffet style smattering of food, starting off with salads from their intense 50-60 item salad bar. Also at this time, appetizers are served with the inclusion of garlic-mashed potatoes, sweet fried bananas, and Brazilian cheese bread. Next up is the main course of 14 different cuts of meat served on sword-like skewers removed seconds ago from the open flame grill.

Each patron will choose from the cuts; try one, try them all, and come back from more. The beauty of Texas de Brazil is you can experience a wide range of salad and meat options for one reasonable price. Don’t hesitate in asking for seconds texas de brazil couponseither! If you’ve got room at the end of your meal, try the scrumptious Brazilian cheesecake or made to order Crème Brule. Everything about your meal is anticipated and the customer service is like no other steakhouse you’ve ever experienced.

Like any appreciative steakhouse in the United States, Texas de Brazil does their best to provide patrons with a wonderful experience not soon to be forgotten. With the state of the economy today, offering up Texas de Brazil coupons is a way of saying thank you for your patronage and loyalty. This helps the average family with a substantial way to save off their next trip to Texas de Brazil. Let’s point out the best ways to locate a Texas de Brazil coupon today so we can start on your way to saving money.

Find Texas de Brazil Coupons on Their Homepage

What is perfect about the Texas de Brazil homepage is its simplicity and straightforward look. You can find exactly what you need, such as all their locations, menu explanation, and catering and event information. Get familiar with the style in which Texas de Brazil works to be better prepared when you walk through their doors. On their homepage, you are eligible to join their ‘EClub’, which automatically entitles you to a free gift for joining, plus special offers to your email inbox throughout the year. Fill out some pertinent information related to your address, birthday, and wedding anniversary date to get started. You will be on top of all the latest news and events happening at your local location. The homepage is the ideal place to find Texas de Brazil locations as well.

Scout out Facebook and Twitter for Coupons for Texas de Brazilcoupons for texas de brazil

Nowadays, being on Facebook and Twitter are pretty much a given. Businesses have followed suit and communicate with fans and followers on their social media outlets daily. Not only can you converse with other meat-loving fans, but these sites are secondary ways to find Texas de Brazil coupons and special discounts to use in their restaurant.

On their Facebook page, you can find various events going on, such as Trivia Tuesday. Simply answer a question related to the local town they’re advertising in and you’re automatically entered to win a $100 gift certificate to Texas de Brazil. For a mere 10 seconds of your time, you can be eating free for months!

They also offer VIP Cards and announce this through their Facebook page. You can purchase a VIP card online or at the restaurant and the card provides you with 12 dinners at 50% off. You can use 1 to 12 punches on each visit. This is a great deal for people who love Texas de Brazil, knowing they can get a large chunk off their final bill. These special VIP cards aren’t available all the time so please be sure to check their Facebook page often to be the first to know and jump on the chance.

Twitter is also a place to be on the lookout for upcoming special events and reminders about what Texas de Brazil can do for you and your group. They will advise you as to where to find Texas de Brazil coupons at that moment in time so that you can save when you come in next.

Let Texas de Brazil be your steakhouse of choice when you decide to dine out next. If you’re never tried this Brazilian-American blend, let them do their best to give you an experience far out of this world with their all-you-can-eat style. If you’re a repeat customer, then welcome back! From a huge salad bar to sensible appetizers to fourteen cuts of meat guaranteed to hit the spot, Texas de Brazil will suck you in and make you never want to leave. Be sure to check out their homepage for Texas de Brazil coupons as well as their famous social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter to find out the latest happenings and other opportunities to save. Come into Texas de Brazil for the mea (and time) of your life!

If you’re looking for an elegant, romantic night out with your spouse or a fun environment to spend a few hours with friends, Texas de Brazil is the place to give your full attention. All you can eat plates are in order and they’re there to serve from the moment you arrive.

How Texas de Brazil Works

A Unique Dining Experience Awaits You at Texas de Brazil

With over 20 branches spread out across 13 states in the USA, Texas de Brazil continues to make their mark in the food industry. By combining the most delectable cuisines Southern Brazilian and adding a Texas-like touch to it, this restaurant surprises its guests with a very pleasurable fine dining experience. The delicious food experience awaiting each customer, topped with their excellent waiting staff, and perfect ambiance, there is no doubt that the Texas de Brazil prices are reasonable and absolutely worth every penny. Dining at Texas de Brazil is simply a dining experience you should not miss especially when you’re in Florida, Texas, Illinois, Virginia, Colorado and any other state that contains a physical location. Their wide variety of house specialties is sure to entice and satisfy any craving.

How Texas de Brazil Works – 3 Course Meal

To learn a little more about how Texas de Brazil works, once you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted by their very courteous staff and will be assisted to your dining area. As soon as you get seated, you can already help yourself to their sides and salads area where a multitude of fresh vegetables and fruits await you. For instance, in their salads and sides area, you can feast over their perfectly seasoned and well-blended original salad dressings, gourmet breads, and the most exquisite variety of cheese one can find. Amongst their long list of specialties, some of their most famous dishes how texas de brazil workscan be found in this spot of the restaurants. Served buffet-style in the salads and sides bar are their shrimp salad, sushi, and Portobello mushrooms, and a whole lot more. With almost 60 food items to choose from, the Texas de Brazil prices are already well worth your money. And you haven’t even started with your main dish yet.

Moving over to their meat station, you will be impressed at the line of perfectly roasted and seasoned cuts of meats including pork, lamb, and beef. The best thing about this part of your meal is that you can witness an authentic Southern Brazil meal preparation as the meats are cooked in an open-flame grill. Such cooking technique was derived from the Brazilians wherein their meals are cooked using a campfire. With over 14 steaks to choose from, the Texas de Brazil prices are considerably low when their awesome service and excellent meat preparations are taken into account. Unlike the salads and sides bar, the meats are not served in a buffet-like manner. There are waiters and servers walking around the area with a skewer on-hand and the freshly cooked meat will be sliced and carved once they stop at your table to serve you with their prime cuts.

After delighting yourself with the slow-roasted and tender meats, you can start satisfying your sweet tooth with their delectable line of dessert. They serve cheesecakes, pies, mousse cakes, and crème brulee. However, these dessert items are not included in the published Texas de Brazil prices, and are ordered a la carte. Some of the finest wine is also served here with a trapeze artist fetching your wine choice from the upper most parts of the floor-to-ceiling wine cabinets.texas de brazil dessert

So for those who wants a unique dining experience but wouldn’t want to shell out too much cash, then trying this Brazilian-American steakhouse is a must. How Texas de Brazil works is unique but also a refreshing pace to normal way of paying by individual food item.  Texas de Brazil’s prices are very reasonable considering how much dining pleasure is waiting for you. It’s not uncommon to be able to find Texas de Brazil coupons in various places online or on their website that will help you save a portion of the all-you-can-eat cost.  Also search their Facebook fan page for coupons for Texas de Brazil that will wow you and make an upcoming visit an absolute necessity.


Highlights of Texas de Brazil

To most Americans, having all the grilled meat you can eat is what a real epicurean feast means and that is exactly what the family owned, full service restaurant chain called Texas de Brazil has to offer its customers. The restaurant is a churrascaria or simply a Brazilian steakhouse. The first outlet was established by Brazilian born Salim Ashrawi in October 13, 1998 at Addison, Texas. Salim who is an experienced restaurateur with a master’s degree in restaurant and hospitality management from Johnson & Wales co-owns the chain of restaurants together with his CPA mother Leila Izzedin and Oil Investor Uncle Salah Izzedin.

If you don’t know what an epicurean feast is then chances are you haven’t been to one of their restaurants yet. As a churrascaria, Salim’s restaurant is so different from other steakhouses around because here you can eat as much grilled meat as you possibly can – and it is not just one kind of meat that is going to be served but several different cuts and kinds of quality meat. Indeed, dining out at Texas de Brazil is a gastronomic adventure – an epicurean feast.

Learning about Churrascaria, the Concept Behind Texas de Brazil

Churrascaria, the Brazilian concept of a steakhouse follows the Brazilian Gaucho (cowboy) tradition of feasting for their families where they grill chunks of meat of different kinds in open flames and serve them hot straight from the fire still in skillets. The tradition has been adopted and refined by Salim in his restaurant. There are no buffet tables for the grilled meat. Instead, you remain seated while a bunch of servers in Gaucho attire with skillets full of different kinds of grilled meat going around the tables serving heaping portions to diners. And the best part is they keep coming back to your table until you decide you’ve had enough. They let the Gaucho-garbed servers they’ve had their fill by displaying the red side of a coaster provided in each table.

Churrascaria the Brazilian concept of feasting is very much a part of the Gaucho tradition and folk lore. Adapted to fine dining, it becomes more than just serving grilled meat on skewers and more than just having a stomach full of sumptuous grilled concoctions. It is about giving customers a unique dining experience that people will cherish forever and make them keep coming back for more.

Equally impressive and just as overwhelming is the restaurant’s salad bar with 50 to 60 fresh seasonal collections to choose from which by the way is also a part of your eat-all-you-can dining experience. You just have to be careful not to consume too much as you will need the extra room for the main fare ahead.

Texas de Brazil is an upscale restaurant. It is one of the (if not the main) pacesetters of the churrascaria segment of the restaurant industry. Asked what sets him apart from the rest of his competitors, Salim pointed out to quality and consistency in all aspects of the business starting from the meticulous process in selecting meat products to providing an intensive and continuing training of servers, to the careful planning that goes into the décor, salad bar selections, and even with minor details such as table settings. At $40 per head, you will certainly get your money’s worth from the epicurean feast the restaurant has to offer and always keep a heads up for coupons from Texas de Brazil when they become available.